Accessibility for People with Disabilities or Reduced Mobility

The society in which we live is characterized by heterogeneity: of thoughts, actions, creeds, ethnicities, groups and people. Physical characteristics such as deficiencies, obesity, dwarfism, or even everyday activities also generate difficulties and needs. All these situations have in common the question of accessibility, whose concept is aimed at all citizens and is understood as a condition to provide the whole population with security and autonomy – whether full or assisted – in the use of spaces, tours, equipment, buildings, transport services and devices, systems and media.

Accessibility aims at ensuring mobility, which is a basic and necessary condition for an individual to enjoy the uses of public and common spaces in an autonomous manner and with the equalization of opportunities. Promoting accessibility means allowing everyone to attend public spaces and create inclusive environments, not only geared towards the facilities, but also enabling the training and awareness of the population.

Providing accessibility is to allow the integration of difference, alleviate difficulties and contribute to social inclusion, guaranteeing freedom of movement and access, that is, consecrated the constitutional principles of coming and going and promoting the well-being of all without prejudice, in addition to corroborate the first premise of Human Rights that proclaims that all human beings are free and equal. For this, our methodology consists of:

  • Capitation of Information;
  • Project analysis;
  • Analysis of certification documentation;
  • Technical inspection;
  • Diagnosis;
  • Elaboration of report for inspection and guidance;
  • Follow-up of supervision;
  • Follow-up of adjustments;
  • Certification;
  • Mapping.

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+55 (11) 3816-8166
+55 (11) 5643-1414

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