In the Engineering area, IEME Brazil acts in the structural safety analysis, in the accompaniment of pathologies such as alkali-aggregate reactions and in vibro-acoustic controls.

In order to do so, it uses cutting-edge, internationally recognized technologies such as dynamic analysis in structures, which consists of monitoring the vibrations occurring in the same and comparing its field response to the calculated theoretical value. IEME Brazil also has Vibrodina, a mechanical vibration generator capable of transmitting them to the structure simulating the maximum loads that may occur in the same. This type of analysis allows you to segment possible problems and optimize the cost of your repairs.

  • Monitoring of vibrations in structures;
  • Project of systems of vibrations attenuation;
  • Theoretical and experimental studies of the effects of aggregate alkali reaction (AAR) on existing structures;
  • Inspection, instrumentation (design and installation) and destructive and non-destructive tests for structural diagnosis in civil works;
  • Metro-rail projects: permanent-track projects with and without mass-spring systems for vibration and noise attenuation, approval of new roads and instrumentation to evaluate the efforts and performance of roads and vehicles in existing systems;
  • Dynamic theoretical and experimental analyzes for the monitoring of structural integrity, load and utilization capacity and prediction of the remaining useful life of civil works;
  • Static and dynamic load tests;
  • Noise monitoring and design of acoustic barriers;
  • Development of non-linear complex mathematical models for the analysis of effects arising from earthquakes and temperature.
  • Vibration and noise monitoring;
  • Design of noise and vibration attenuation systems;
  • Studies of aggregate alkali reaction (RAA);
  • Instrumentation and testing for structural diagnosis;
  • Metro-railway undertakings;
  • Dynamic theoretical and experimental analyzes;
  • Static and dynamic load tests;
  • Mathematical models by the Finite Element Method.

+55 (11) 3816-8166
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+55 (11) 3816-8166
+55 (11) 5643-1414

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