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LAEDE carries out vibration monitoring that serves as a subsidy for assessing user comfort, structural safety and obtaining the modal properties (natural frequencies, vibration modes and damping) in civil structures, such as bridges, viaducts, buildings, bleachers, permanent track etc. The excitation of the structure can be environmental or forced and for the measurement accelerometers are used positioned at strategic points of the structure.

The analysis is carried out by the IEME Brazil team of engineers, using the Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) and the Classical Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA), respectively. Noise measurements are performed for environmental control, where levels are compared with standards and / or with municipal or state regulations for population comfort. Additionally, they serve as a subsidy for acoustic projects, such as acoustic barriers along railroads and highways. For acoustic projects, IEME Brazil designs mathematical models for calculations and solutions.


Instrumentation to verify the behavior and structural safety by means of accelerometers, extensometers, displacement transducers, piezometer, inclinometer, among others, in:

  • Stand of stadiums, arenas, gyms, sambodromes;
  • Road and rail bridges and viaducts;
  • Dams;
  • Buildings;
  • Monuments.

In addition to the instrumentation, LAEDE counts on the team of engineers of IEME Brazil for treatment and analysis of the data for conclusive reports on the situation of the structure.

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+55 (11) 3816-8166
+55 (11) 5643-1414

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