Metro Rail Systems

Rail transport should provide safety and comfort to users. IEME Brazil elaborates permanent track geometric projects and basic projects and executives of permanent track superstructure.

In addition, IEME Brazil has its own methodology to monitor vibrations and noise transmitted by trains and subways to nearby buildings of roads and stations. The services that the IEME Brazil offers are:

Basic projects and executives of permanent track superstructure

The superstructure of the permanent track can be designed on ballast cross-tie or on reinforced concrete slab with direct fixation. The basic projects of permanent way consist in the design of the superstructure of the permanent route for the elaboration of the spreadsheets of quantities.

In the executive project, all components of the permanent track (sleepers, rail fixings, welds, AMVs, elastomeric materials for the mass-spring system, among others are analyzed and studied for use in the enterprise.

All the sizing of both the sublast and ballast layers as well as the reinforcement and shape of the reinforced concrete slab is carried out in the executive project. In the basic and executive projects, studies and calculations for the vibration attenuation system and secondary noise (mass-spring system) are still elaborated.

Elaboration of Numerical Models

The numerical models in finite elements are developed to obtain the efforts caused by the train passages. In this way, all the components of the permanent way are simulated in the model, being applied the loads and combinations according to the enterprise.

Geometric design of permanent way

Projects of vibration damping systems and acoustic barriers

In projects aimed at vibration damping and noise attenuation, IEME Brazil uses the VVP-IEME
method and a series of field and experimental information, which guarantee efficient
decisions. The project methodology follows the following sequence:


  • Classification of edification buildings
  • Secondary Noise Vibration and Noise measurement or ambient noise in Linde Buildings
  • Determination of natural frequencies of buildings
  • Analysis of the transmissibility in structures
  • User Comfort Evaluation

Development of a permanent track superstructure or acoustic barrier design

Homologation of permanent track structures

The homologation of permanent track consists of the instrumentation to evaluate the efforts and performance of roads and vehicles in existing systems.
The analysis of the results can be done with the numerical model in finite elements, where all the components of the way are represented and simulated.

Experimental analysis of components for permanent tracks

Tests performed by IEME Brazil to assess the behavior of components of the railway or subway.


    • Tests with rails and elastomeric materials
    • Static and dynamic behavior analysis
    • Behavior under cyclic loading
    • Performance after exposure to bad weather
    • Elaboration of Numerical Models

Approval tests of permanent track systems

Before the road goes into operation, noise and vibration attenuation systems undergo homologation, which includes the following activities:


  • Monitoring the passage of trains in commercial and special operations
  • Measurement of displacements in floating slabs
  • Obtaining the vibration levels of the slab and tunnel of the permanent track
  • Voltage evaluation and gauge opening on rails
  • Verification of the efficiency of vibration attenuation systems and primary noise

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