Dynamic analysis for evaluation of vibration levels, structural integrity and audience capacity. Large events, whether sporting or cultural, require a new look at the safety of structures.
IEME Brazil has the necessary technology and knowledge for the adequacy of these facilities, aiming at the full compliance with international safety standards and guidelines.

Analysis Method

  • Monitoring of vibrations imposed by the public in football matches and musical and cultural events
  • Simulation of vibrations by means of a mechanical generator (Vibrodina)
  • Dynamic forced vibration analysis for the characterization of structural behavior
  • Elaboration of numerical models to evaluate the structures of the stands
  • Estimated audience capacity


The forced vibration, used to simulate the efforts caused by the public, is a safe methodology, that potentiates opportunities of use for great structures focused on sport and leisure. The methodology adopted by IEME Brazil offers:

  • Technology consecrated in several European and Brazilian stages
  • Non-destructive technique used in the evaluation of structural integrity
  • Accuracy of the structural evaluation, identification of damages and proposition of solutions adapted to each situation;
  • Great effectiveness in the evaluation of the dynamic behavior of the structures, aiming at their adequacy or expansion of their capacity
  • Identification of structural damage;
  • Analysis and evaluation of solutions often unpublished.


In addition to monitoring the actual behavior of the structure in service, it is possible to simulate situations similar to those of use, obtaining very reliable results.

  • Non-destructive technique used in the evaluation of structural integrity
  • Accuracy in structural evaluation and identification of anomalies
  • Effective methodology for evaluating the dynamic behavior of structures
  • Identification of structural damage
  • Analysis and evaluation of solutions, often unpublished

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